Come! Embrace the pins and needles. And LIVE!

Sometimes when we sit or lie awkwardly we can get pins and needles in one of our limbs.

It can be painful, but it’s absolutely necessary because it’s a sign that the bloodflow – which had previously been restricted – is moving through that part of the body again.

Scripture tells us that the Church is the body of Christ, and due to the Lockdown and the social distancing measures we have to take coming out of it, we feel restricted.

Not being able to sing, to shout, or to hug and literally having to keep everyone at arm’s length, is painful. But it’s a pain that’s absolutely necessary because it’s a sign that the blood of Jesus is starting to move freely in His body again.

If it isn’t painful, the blood is still restricted.

We use the phrase, ‘Oh my arm’s gone to sleep;’

This pain is a sign that He’s waking us back up again!

Don’t resent the pain of what it’s like in church right now, and certainly don’t avoid it; it’s a sign of life.

I feel that God wants to give us a warning:

A limb that remains restricted will eventually die. If the blood doesn’t start flowing into that part of the body again – and remember we’re the body of Christ – then the life-giving oxygen that’s in the blood can’t get into that limb, and that limb will die.

So I believe He’s saying ‘Come.’

Start moving again.

Yes it’s painful and it’s awkward, but be encouraged because these pins and needles are a sign of life. They’re a sign of the life-giving blood-flow of Jesus returning to His body.

They’re absolutely necessary for a healthy body as a whole, and for individual limbs.

So come.

Embrace the pins and needles.


Contribution given by Marina Rule on Sunday 2nd August 2020

Posted by Lib Fleming. on 4th August, 2020