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How I Maintain Spiritual Health During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The Lockdown coincided with my planned decision to work only four days a week from the beginning of April. I am still going to work. I manage supported housing provision for 40 teenagers and young adults living semi-independently in their own flats. This always provides plenty of inspiration for prayer even at the best of times!
I was looking forward to having the extra day to reflect, read, cook, garden and see more of Cornwall. As I can still do all but the last one of these things I feel very privileged that I am not as impacted as some by the current situation.
How am I maintaining my spiritual health? I am enjoying listening to a lot of worship music, both new and ‘old’. I don’t listen to a lot of Christian teaching on the internet because often, even the best of it, isn’t necessarily what God wants me to hear for the ‘now’. I prefer just to read my bible and spend time allowing the Holy Spirit to show me what is important for me (and others) at this time.
I am excited for world-wide revival and renewal of the Church. These are exciting times. God is clearly at work, viewing figures indicate that many more people watched Easter church services online than would normally attend in person. Before the pandemic I struggled to see how society could ever be changed. Now in a few short weeks we can see that dramatic change is indeed possible. This inspires me: if a tiny virus can have such an impact bringing fear and death,  then how much more could a move of God sweep across the world bringing hope and life in all its fullness? Which is why I’m going to continue to pray for revival until I see it happen…
Amanda Turner

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