"Stuart Bell – The Power Of A Seed" by
"Leaders Seminar – Church Growth in the UK – part 1" by Stuart Bell is the Senior Pastor of Alive Church, a growing multi-site church with several locations in the UK. He is leader of the Ground Level Network, a network of around 90 churches, and Partners For Influence UK, a group of leaders representing influential churches and ministries across the UK. Stuart is actively involved in a number of national leadership forums and is an international speaker and teacher often working into both America and South Africa. Stuart has written four books. Married to Irene, Stuart has three children and 5 grandchildren. Recently Stuart was awarded a British Empire Medal for services to the community in Lincolnshire.
"Leaders Seminar – Church Growth in the UK – part 2" by Stuart Bell, giving an apostolic overview of the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the UK taking into account the increase in church attendance of 1.7 million people in the last 10 years (that’s up 23%.) It's good to put our local experience into a national and international Kingdom context.
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