"Worship & Prophetic Contributions" by Shekinah Congregation - The Apostle Paul said that faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word (inspired, living, spoken word) of Christ; in 1 Corinthians the Apostle Paul also says what we should expect when we meet together to worship, each one of us should be ready to bring a spiritual contribution that will encourage and build up everyone else gathered. The contributions in this podcast were brought in one such worship service, listen and be encouraged.
"The Best Gift Ever from The God Who Hears" by various members of Shekinah's congregation - The gift of knowing Jesus, from the best gift ever, to the God who hears, knows and cares, to renewed strength and vision for life, healing, release and freedom, how can you not want to know more of Jesus?
"Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!" by Keith Horobin - a powerful message to encourage us in positioning our lives rightly before God in preparation for fresh anointing so that we can minister effectively in the things that God has called us into. Get ready for a new season in which God does new things through you!
"For Such A Time As This" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Is life more than just the pursuit of our individual happiness? Has God got a bigger plan in mind, that if we're not careful we could miss? As our 'selfie' emphasised culture gains increasing influence over all our lives it's easy to end up focused on what we can personally get out of everything, including our relationship with Christ. We often end up judging things by how convenient they are for us, whether they make us feel good or not and how we can make our lives more comfortable. Let's not miss our part in God's bigger plan for our lives.
"The Self-Preservation Society" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Trusting others instead of just relying on ourselves is quite a challenge, especially once we've experienced being let down a few times, it usually seems best to just aim to look after ourselves and leave everyone else to do the same, but God's plan for our lives couldn't be more different! He says that we're to believe in Him so that we will be established; and believe in the church leaders He gives us so that we will succeed.
"Turn Your Attention To….." by Nigel Clark - With the intensity of life we can all too easily start to feel overwhelmed or that we need to be able to opt out - what is God saying in the midst of the pressures of life where our attention seems to be required by so many different things?
"Cherish Your Leaders" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Cherishing leaders is a challenging idea in our modern world whether we're thinking about church leaders or secular leaders. Nationally and internationally leaders of all shapes and sizes are promising all sorts of things, usually only to dash everyone's hopes, can it be any different in the church? If so how? Listen on….
"Help Me Lord, My Spouse Needs Saving!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - with a message of encouragement for all those whose spouse is in a different place to them as far as faith in Christ is concerned.
"The Root Of A Woman’s Pain" by Lib Fleming - this is the follow-on message to 'The Root Of A Man's Pain' by Charles Fleming. Why do women often feel that they have to work so hard to be accepted, noticed, listened to or just feel good enough? Why are they often ravaged with insecurities when they're great at what they're doing? Why has life historically been unfairly biassed against women? Does the bible have an answer?
"The Root Of A Man’s Struggle" by Pastor Charles Fleming - this message is phenomenal, not just for men, but for women, so share it with others. It gets right to the heart of why men in particular often feel that life is tipped against them and that they are struggling to win a losing battle. So what is God's solution? Listen on....