"How Much Do You Want The Holy Spirit?" by Nigel Clark - Five key words: 'Stay' and 'Wait', which are to do with our preparation to receive the Holy Spirit; 'Receive' and 'Power' which are to do with encountering the Holy Spirit; and 'Witness' which is the outcome of having encountered Him. But the question is, how much do we really want Him?
"Activating Honour" by Pastor Charles Fleming - We are all used to things in life that need activating whether it's lighting your gas cooker using the ignition button, or lighting your fire with a match. If honour is the conduit of love then we need to activate honour in our lives. In this message an incident from Jesus' life and a story that He told are used to illustrate the point.
"Dissing Jesus" by Pastor Charles Fleming - We are all probably used to the idea that the religious leaders of Jesus' day had a strong practice of 'dissing' Him, to use a colloquialism. As part of our series looking at 'Honour' this message helps us recognise where we may sometimes be doing similarly to the Pharisees or Teachers of the Law but in different ways and perhaps not realising it.
"Honouring God With Our Money" by Charles Fleming and Nigel Turner - an interview-style interactive message exploring biblical giving, are we sometimes giving to get something back? As well as the biblical teaching provided through the interview there are some great testimonies interwoven from congregation members.
"Honour In Every Situation – Well Almost!" by Glyn Clark - Taking one of her favourite bible characters, Joseph (of techni-coloured dream-coat fame), Glyn looks at the challenges of honouring our family members, honouring authority, behaving honourably under temptation, as well as under extreme pressure, and how to use whatever influence God has given us honourably - basically how to honour in every situation!
"Meekness: The Measure of Honour" by Lib Fleming - Continuing our series on Honour. Aristotle said of the Greek word for meekness, 'It is the middle standing between the extremes of, getting angry without reason, and not getting angry at all.' In this message parts of the life of Moses are considered as we look at the importance of our surrender to God and what that means for our lives.
"Hold On He’s Coming And His Recompense Is In His Hand" by Lib Fleming - Through the book of Job we learn so much about faith and the patience required to keep us going through wearying times in full confidence that in the end God is a rewarder of those who are faithful to Him.
"Down, But Not Out!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - Life has a lot of hard knocks, sometimes we can wonder whether we're going to survive them, this message will encourage you if you're feeling punch-drunk by life, it will strengthen you ready for the knocks of life, and it will resinate with you if you've survived being 'down, but not out!'
"Smoke the Bees!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - How God turns the things that are designed to harm us into the things that bring forth good. Another great message in our series on the miraculous.
"The Honey Is In The Rock" by Pastor Charles Fleming. This is the first message in a mini series on how God can always bring good for us out of the most arduous and challenging circumstances and situations of our lives. If you are going through difficulty this message will certainly encourage you.