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Testimony of God’s Provision & The Community Blessing

Last week we focussed on declaring ‘the Goshen prayer’, the following testimony came as a direct result of that:

I have 2 separate jobs as a health care worker and one is a private job and not deemed vital at this point and although the government is paying for 80% of wages they have decided to pay me the full 100% even though I’m not working.

My second job I’m still working at and my boss gave me an extra £5 (so £14 per hour) for doing overtime.

Since this crisis I have had the biggest wage packet yet.

God is looking after us like He did the Hebrews.

God blesses His people so that they can be a blessing to others, in line with that let’s pray the following declaration of God’s goodness over our community, some of this is for when our time of isolation is over:

“As God’s royal priesthood, we bless our community and speak life over our town.

• We bless every wholesome business with prosperity and growth, and call in new investment and enterprise.
• We bless the land and sea and those who work them, that their yields will increase and their labour be lightened.
• We bless our police, fire fighters, paramedics, life boat crews and street pastors, that they carry out their roles with courage, wisdom and God’s supernatural protection.
• We bless our local government and MP, that they govern with diligence and Godly values.
• We bless our schools and colleges, that they excel as places of learning.
• We bless our hospitals with a spirit of excellence in their care and administration.
• We bless the churches, that they be renewed by the Holy Spirit and made ready for revival.

We speak peace, hope and restoration over our community and over the hearts and minds of everyone in it.  In the mighty name of Jesus.  Amen.”

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