"What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?" by Pastor Charles Fleming - The circumstances of life can be confusing and it's not always easy to know what is the right thing to do. There are many tests and challenges, and trying to understand the grace of God in it all can be quite perplexing. Looking at the life of Abraham this message helps us understand where God's grace is to be found in the apparent contradictions that can occur in life. This message is also available in video format on the Church Facebook page (click on the Facebook icon at the top of the Homepage) a link is also available in the Podcast area of the website.
"Death Raised It’s Head And Grace Shouted It Down" by Pastor Charles Fleming - In the present circumstances of panic and fear regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, when death has raised it's head in what seems like the most arbitrary and unpredictable way, many are afraid and panic-stricken, do Christians need to have that same fear or should they be living in something different? This Easter message encourages the faith of those already confident that God has got this and it's filled with assurance for those who so far may not be so sure. Please go to the Church Facebook page via the button on the top of the Homepage of the website for something special for Great Creations from Laura and Tabitha Longworth-Riggs, there is also a worship song followed by some spontaneous song by Lib.
"Kindness Amid Trouble" by Pastor Charles Fleming - In a departure from our present series, 'the Genesis of Grace', Palm Sunday offers an opportunity to look at equally relevant themes of God's grace to us, especially the kindness of Jesus in our present circumstances. If you would like to watch this preach via Facebook please click on the Facebook symbol at the top of the website Homepage. Please ensure that you look at the Blog area of the website where you will find all the latest testimonies and prophetic words, go to the Menu, 'Our Vision' and select 'Blog'. This is also the first Sunday of the month, so it would be great if we all take communion after listening to the word, even though we're apart we are still unified by the Spirit of Christ.
"God Is For Us!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - A commonly held misconception is that once we become Christians life will be easy, full of blessing and straightforward, isn't that why Jesus suffered, so that we don't have to? Sometimes it is hard to believe that God is for us when life holds so many unexpected twists and turns. Continuing the theme 'the Genesis of Grace' we learn from the life of Jacob that it's clear to see that although he had the family birthright and his father's blessing reserved for the elder son still his life had great pain and sorrow, but God was with him. The song 'Blessing', by Elevation Worship, is a declaration of what it means for God to be with us.
"Grab Grace Whilst You Can!" by Pastor Charles Fleming - This is a very apt message in regard to everything that we're presently facing with the Coronavirus, self-isolation and social distancing. As fear and panic grips many there is much to be learned for our own lives from the biblical accounts of those who learned to trust God through the battles of life. This is no less the case in the account of Jacob, he battled with his brother, he deceived his father, he battled with himself, and finally he wrestled with God and wouldn't let go till he was blessed. If we hold onto God and insist on trusting Him in spite of all our worries, anxieties and fears, He promises that He will bless us.
"When Life’s Not Fair, Where Is The Grace In That?" by Lib Fleming - Continuing the series the 'Genesis of Grace', this message entitled, 'When Life's Not Fair, Where Is The Grace In That?' explores how painful life can be at times, in fact it can be downright unfair, we don't always have to do anything wrong for wrong things to happen to us or for wrong things to be done to us. So what's the point of it all? What's the point of struggling and striving to fulfil God's will when it doesn't guarantee there will be no anguish or pain? Where is God in those times and what is He doing?
"Mind, Your Own Business" by Andy Bibbings - this message is all about the punctuation in the title, the mind! If you ever feel as though the bombardment and pressure of the circumstances of life are making you feel as though you're losing your mind and that peace is an unachievable luxury for someone else then Andy's message is just for you.
"What Happens When Circumstances And God’s Promises Don’t Appear To Match?" by Nigel Turner - Continuing our series 'The Genesis Of Grace'. Where is God's grace when the circumstances of life seem to contradict what God has promised? Looking at the account of Jacob and Esau it becomes evident that at some point God will require us to go back to confront our past before we can go forward into what He has promised for us.
"Signs of Grace – part 2" by Pastor Charles Fleming - The series 'the Genesis of Grace' moves on to the account of Jacob. How can someone as deceptive as Jacob who steals, not just his brother Esau's birthright, but also Esau's blessing, be favoured so highly by God? This message reveals how the grace of God is revealed in some very unusual places, for instance in the Old Testament civil laws that God gave to Israel, as well as the Old Testament ceremonial laws, once again revealing that there is no difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament, they are one and the same gracious God.
"Signs of Grace" by Pastor Charles Fleming - It's easy to lose sight of the grace of God in our lives, we tend to concentrate on the problems, challenges and difficulties of life and get bogged down in them rather than reminding ourselves and looking out for the signs of God's grace all around us.