"What Happens When Circumstances And God’s Promises Don’t Appear To Match?" by Nigel Turner - Continuing our series 'The Genesis Of Grace'. Where is God's grace when the circumstances of life seem to contradict what God has promised? Looking at the account of Jacob and Esau it becomes evident that at some point God will require us to go back to confront our past before we can go forward into what He has promised for us.
"Signs of Grace – part 2" by Pastor Charles Fleming - The series 'the Genesis of Grace' moves on to the account of Jacob. How can someone as deceptive as Jacob who steals, not just his brother Esau's birthright, but also Esau's blessing, be favoured so highly by God? This message reveals how the grace of God is revealed in some very unusual places, for instance in the Old Testament civil laws that God gave to Israel, as well as the Old Testament ceremonial laws, once again revealing that there is no difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament, they are one and the same gracious God.
"Signs of Grace" by Pastor Charles Fleming - It's easy to lose sight of the grace of God in our lives, we tend to concentrate on the problems, challenges and difficulties of life and get bogged down in them rather than reminding ourselves and looking out for the signs of God's grace all around us.
"The Grace Of God’s Judgment" by Pauline Horobin - This is a very insightful message about the wonder of God's love for us as our Father but that He loves us too much to leave us the way we are. How do we feel if and when God says 'No' or 'Stop'? God disciplines us because He loves us, so the answer isn't always going to be 'Yes"!
"Forgiveness, The Child Of Grace" by Pastor Charles Fleming - If you've ever wondered where God was when you were going through some of the worst things that have happened to you in life, then this is a message for you! Jacob's favoured son Joseph, seemed to have it all in many ways, but an awful lot of really tough things overtook him in life, where was God in the rejection, in the false accusation? How did Joseph survive everything that happened to him and emerge better for it all?
"God’s Good Purposes" by Pastor Charles Fleming - The cry, 'It's just not fair!' is never far from humanity's lips, and it's probably true to say that none of us have met anyone who says that life has been, or is totally fair in their experience. This message explores where the grace of God is to be found when people treat us unfairly, turn against us, betray us and even try to trap us to manipulate us for their own purposes. If life has not always been fair for you then this could be just the message you need to hear.
"The Rule of Grace" by Nigel Clark - In this message we're encouraged to recognise that there is dominion for us to rule in life by the grace of God given to us. The more that we appreciate that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places the more we will be able to take dominion in our lives. Listen to hear what having Godly dominion is, how we attain it.
"The Covenant Service 2020" by Marina Rule and Pastor Charles Fleming - The Covenant Service is a recommitment to Christ based on the Methodist tradition of annually renewing our relationship covenant with Him. If you wonder what the point is of endless New Year's resolutions and you want to dedicate or rededicate yourself to God's eternal purposes for your life then the Covenant Service is a great opportunity to 'reset' your spiritual life in commitment to Christ and it is a great way to start the year. Marina Rule leads the Covenant renewal and Pastor Charles Fleming brings an exhortation regarding serving the purposes of God above and beyond our own goals, desires and ambitions for life.
"A Christmas Journey" by Glyn Clark - Looking at the journeys made to worship Jesus at His birth by three very different groups of people - with all the distractions of what Christmas has become, let's ensure that we 'journey' to worship the One who Christmas is all about.
"Audacious Hope" by Pastor Charles Fleming - This second Advent message of the year provides an insightful account of what it really cost Jesus to come and prove His identification with us in all our fragility and frailty. For instance, have you ever thought about the fact that He created humanity, and one of those He created in the form of humanity was King Herod, who was allowed to drive Joseph, Mary and Jesus out of their homeland and into Egypt?