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Post Brexit Comment

The following are questions put to Pastor Charles Fleming after the UK vote to leave the EU.

Q: In the light of the conflicted opinion across the UK in regard to ‘Brexit’ are there positive things for us as a nation post-Brexit as far as the promises of God are concerned?

A: I believe that there is an Apostolic call on us as a nation and that we have an opportunity to rediscover our entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, and hopefully rediscover our Christian foundations in the process.

Q: Do you perceive any potential pitfalls with the UK having voted to leave the European Union?

A: I think we must guard against isolationism and fear of the new. The church has a role in encouraging diversity, integration and cohesion. We (the church in the nation) have a responsibility to impart courage to the people of our nation at this time.

Q: The vote to leave the EU seems to have given some people a sense of permission to express racial hatred; as someone who is first generation black British how do you believe this issue should best be handled and what is the UK church’s role in this?

A: The church should be talking about the principals of inclusivity and harmony, the principals of the Kingdom of God.

Q: Quite a lot of younger people in the UK expressed a sense of betrayal after the vote to leave the EU, believing that the older generation’s vote would now give them a less prosperous future, what do you think the UK church’s message is to them?

A: We should be encouraging the ‘Millenniums’ that this is a time of opportunity for them, a time that has the potential to maximise their future because we have our sovereignty back. Although things may be difficult for a little while the future can be much better than what they have known or expected.

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