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The Bread of Life in Kiev


Day by day, women with small children are running trying to find a basement to hide themselves in from the bombing. Many people are crying out for help to come out of Kiev. There are those who haven’t had bread for four days. Elderly people who cannot go outside, who have illnesses. They’re just sitting in their apartments and waiting for a miracle. They call the Ukrainian Bible Society volunteers “angels” when they find them the medicine and bread they need.

No one feels safe now in Kiev now. You can hear shooting and bombing, it sounds so close people don’t know if they are safe inside.

In the last few days, the Ukrainian Bible Society were outside in a park, delivering bread to people. They had children’s Bibles in their vehicle, to distribute in the basements where women and children were hiding. But one lady saw them and asked: “Are they Bibles? Can I have one please?” And other people – 80 or 90 – just came to the to the car and asked: “Can I have one?” One man, in his 70s, stood there with his bread in one hand and the Bible in his other hand and said: “I think the Bible is more important than daily bread, for me personally now. I never prayed before. I have never been to church, never read the Bible. But now it’s time to come closer to God.” We’ve met so many people in the last two weeks who have never read the Bible or prayed before, but now they’re asking “Are you from the Church? Please pray for us,” – on the streets, at homes, everywhere.

People are searching for faith because they know that a miracle must happen to relieve this situation. There wouldn’t appear to be any diplomatic solution.

God save Ukraine.

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