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The Symbol Of Hope And Promise


I’ve been thinking about all the rainbows now on display. I love seeing them as the symbol of hope and appreciation that they have become. But I also wondered how many remember where this sign comes from; that it is a God-given promise to humanity.
This image comes out of that reflection. Reading up on rainbows, I discovered that they are often actually complete circles. We just don’t get to see the fullness from our perspective, though they can be visible when viewed from above. I loved that idea; a circle, made of seven colours representing wholeness, surrounding the earth.
In history, places affected by ‘plague’ were marked with a cross. Here, the mark of this pandemic on our world is covered by The Cross, His blood, His redemption.
Please feel free to share the image, or to print it out to display somewhere and join me in praying that it might be seen, pondered upon and help draw more hearts to seek Jesus.
Claire Harvey

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